Yoga Mudras (Original Drawings)
Yoga Mudras (Original Drawings)
Drawing of hand in Gyan Mudra
Drawing of hand in Vayu Mudra
Drawing of hand in Surya Mudra

Yoga Mudras (Original Drawings)


Bring a little peace and beauty into your surroundings with these skillfully drawn hands in various mudras.

Gyan mudra is thought to increase the air element within the body which empowers the mind, causing a positive effect on emotions.

Surya mudra is thought to increase the Fire element within the body and is associated with body-temperature and metabolism.  It is believed this mudra can assist with warming the body and weight loss.

Vayu mudra is thought to decrease the air element within the body. This reduction of air Sedates restless and anxious mind and calms overcharged nervous systems.

Together, the Mudras may help you find peace and balance.

Each mudra is hand drawn ink on smooth, thick, Bristol board and individually signed, mounted and framed by the artist.

Prints are also available here

Each picture is A4 in size but the frame increases the dimensions to 42.5 x 35cm.  The frames are included in the price. 

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